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Environmentally friendly tourist farm
An invite for the guest to participate

Dear guests,

Marjanca Tourist Farm strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are proud to be the first accommodation provider in Rogaška Slatina to be awarded the EU environment label known as the Eco-daisy. You will be seeing it around the farm where your assistance is kindly requested.

The goal of the environmentally friendly activism is a lower consumption of electricity and heating and cooling energy as well as less (unrecycled) waste. If the guests take part in this, they gain advantage since they learn how to live in an environmentally friendly way and they can start applying the saving measures at home, thus saving their money.


Our farm has its own “Environmental Policy” – a copy is available for the guests at the reception desk. An annex to the Policy is “Environmental objectives for this and next years”, where every year, we add what we still plan on doing in order to be even more environmentally friendly.

We have divided the measures in three parts:

a) measures for saving energy and water,

b) recycling, and

c) other areas of environmentally friendly behaviour.


Please, turn off the light in the bathroom when you are not there. Check if all the lights that are on in your room are necessary.

You can also save energy with TV screens by turning them off completely when you are not in your room and at night (so that they are not in standby mode). In this way, you will not be exposed to radiation, and at the same time you will save energy.

When you wish to air out your room during heating season, open the window all the way and leave it wide open for five minutes – during this time, the air in your room will switch. Do not leave the window open longer. By doing that, you will unnecessarily cool your room (and then have to warm it up again, thus unnecessarily wasting a lot of energy). The same goes for cooling in the summer: air out quickly (even many times a day), then close the window.

On the farm, temperature is regulated centrally. We start the heating in the morning, and then again around 5 pm when the guests start returning to their rooms.


Since the bathrooms use drinking water from the water supply, all faucets and shower heads have been affixed with nozzles which lower the water flow to 6 litres per minute without lowering the water pressure. With your help, we can save even more drinking water, so:

please, turn off the faucet while shampooing your hair, so that drinking water is not needlessly running into the drain.

If you turn off the water when brushing your teeth or when shaving, you will save between 5 and 10 litres of drinking water. Just think what such saving could mean for the water bill at home over the course of ten years (especially if there are many members of the household), if you continue doing this at home. You will find a glass in your bathroom – please use it when brushing your teeth.

We also kindly ask you to pay attention to possible water leaking into the toilet or dripping faucets in the showers or in sinks. Please, let the maid or the reception staff know as soon as possible about such an event.

If possible, use cold water, not warm water, and save energy.

We kindly ask you not to throw sanitary or toilet products of any kind into the toilet – you will find a small waste bin in the bathroom, all the products mentioned above should be disposed in this way. If used inappropriately, the toilet might clog which in consequence results in higher water consumption and a high plumbing bill.

Your towels and bedding have been carefully washed. But since we do not want to contribute to thousands of tons of washing powder used by hotels around the world daily for doing the bedding and towels, we kindly ask you to use both multiple times, if only possible.

The staff will change your towels and bedding once a week; if you wish to have your bedding changed more frequently, please let the reception know.

We pay attention to watering time, which is early in the morning or after the sun sets – in this way, less water is used since it does not evaporate as it does at noon, and at the same time, watering at these times is less stressful for the plants.


The world’s sources of raw material are limited, so we kindly ask you to help us recycle. Please use the intended waste bins for the disposal of recyclable waste. You will find them on every floor and at reception. The containers are labelled well. We recycle:

PACKAGING:plastic bottles from beverages and groceries, plastic cups, plastic bags and foil, plastic packaging, tins/can from groceries and (non)alcoholic beverages, metal bottle lids, etc.

PAPERWe kindly ask that you put paper on the floor and place a waste bin on top of it – this is a sign for the maid that it is waste and she will take care of it daily. Paper is considered leaflets, wrapping paper, newspapers and cardboard packaging.

GLASS: all types of empty and clean bottles, grocery jars, glass cosmetics packaging, broken glasses and bottles.

WASTE: sweepings, food leftovers, cigarette buds, adhesive tapes, sanitary items, diapers, wet and dirty paper.

If ever in doubt what goes where, please ask for the housekeeper’s advice. It is even better if you avoid producing waste and buy products in return packaging or without packaging since this will contribute to reducing waste. We follow this principle and thus do not purchase any disposable products. You will notice in the dining room that we do not offer food in portions (jam, honey, butter, cheese, yoghurt, etc.)

A special problem for humans and the environment are hazardous waste (empty batteries, cosmetics, medicine, energy saving light bulbs, needle sticks, etc.) In order not to endanger yourself, the staff or the nature, we kindly ask you to drop these off at reception. The housekeeper will deliver it to the communal services since they collect hazardous waste.


All rooms use energy saving light bulbs. These present an especially problematic hazardous waste upon burning out since they contain mercury.

If a light bulb breaks, the extremely toxic mercury which is its main component is released. If this happens to you, hold your breath, run to the window and open it all the way. It is important not to inhale until the window has been opened. The window must remain wide open for several hours.

Nobody should enter the room where an energy saving light bulb broke for at least 15 minutes since the concentration of toxic substances is incredibly high. You can only stay again in such a room safely after 24 hours and after a thorough clean-up.

If this happens to you at home, please know that all the cleaning aids you use to clean up the broken light bulb are also specific waste.

You must not vacuum the broken glass. Every next time you use the vacuum, the vacuum would spread the microscopic particles of mercury and contaminate your home.


We encourage our guests and employees to use public transport. On our website, you can find the instructions how to get closest to us with public transport.

The EU Eco-daisy environmental label binds us to reducing food waste. We often notice that guests overestimate their appetite and load their plates with more food they can eat. For this reason, in accordance with the European commission which awards the Eco-daisy, we have set up polite notices that ask our guests to take a small portion first to taste if they even like the dish and only then load a full portion. This prevents huge quantities of food waste which we have to throw away from guests’ plates.

A responsible attitude towards the environment encompasses an honest attitude of our farm towards the local community. We would like to encourage you to explore the surrounding towns and add variety to your stay here. Within walking or cycling distance for a half-day trip’s time, you will find many natural and cultural landmarks and a number of tourist attractions. At reception you will find leaflets about the surrounding towns and prospects about local providers of culinary and free time activities and local craftsmen as well as the list of local tourists guides you can hire for professional tours.

Everything we do here on our farm is with one purpose: to satisfy our guests with our services. We kindly ask you to fill out a questionnaire when you leave and tell us what you were satisfied with and what could still be improved. There are also a few questions about our environmentally friendly activities which are especially important for our future work.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us.

the Černogoj family

Marjanca turistična kmetija – turistična kmetija, kmetija, wellness, individualno razvajanje v dvoje, počitnice na kmetiji, nastanitve rogaška slatina
Marjanca turistična kmetija – turistična kmetija, kmetija, wellness, individualno razvajanje v dvoje, počitnice na kmetiji, nastanitve rogaška slatina
Marjanca turistična kmetija – turistična kmetija, kmetija, wellness, individualno razvajanje v dvoje, počitnice na kmetiji, nastanitve rogaška slatina